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Kelly is an inspiration for all Mums who see the joy in life and motherhood in a fast-paced world. She loves every moment in life from little to big, is inspired by all and creates beautiful masterpieces along the way. Kelly believes in creating a happy childhood for her children, it’s like gifting them little memory anchors that can be drawn throughout their entire life. Be a Fun Mum is Kelly's blog where she showcases insight into being the absolute best mum she can be.

What did you have in your birthing bag – or wish you had?

Submitted on 19th March 2015

What are your best tips for getting sleep with newborn babies and what are some ways to get them to sleep through the night?

Submitted on 30th March 2015

Lately I’ve been experiencing a lot of the dreaded ‘Mother Guilt’ – is there anything you can share about your own experience and some advice to help conquer this daily stress?

Submitted on 25th August 2015

What were you least prepared for in motherhood? Is there any stand out experiences you didn't expect?

Submitted on 17th March 2015

How did you deal with the physical side effects of breastfeeding?

Submitted on 10th August 2015