I must admit, I am very fussy when it comes to products I use on little Miss.

Posted on 29th April 2015



I don't know about you but wipes are an essential part of my daily life. I use them multiple times a day to change little Miss or to wipe food off our hands, our clothes, food on the floor, crayon on furniture - the list goes on!!

I love trying new baby products, so when I was given the opportunity to trial the new baby wipes from Baby Bumkins, I jumped to it!

I must admit, I am very fussy when it comes to products I use on little Miss. They don't have to break the bank but they must either be organically made or free of nasty chemicals. When it comes to wipes, I have tried lots of different brands which have left my hands dry and little Miss' bum sore.


Unlike other brands of baby wipes out there, Baby Bumkins do not use the MIT (Methylisothiazolinone) preservative in their products which is great for parents and children's skin and health! Their wipes are also alcohol and soap free, ph balanced, dermatologically tested and contain aloe vera and vitamin e.

I also like wipes to 'wipe' properly so they must be soft, on the wet side but not too wet otherwise little miss gets nappy rash. They also have to be large enough to be able to wipe lots at once and have no fancy scents in them and either leave my hands soft or in a normal state. I know I'm fussy!

Well these wipes passed my tests, they are large, semi wet, the fragrance free ones are great, the wipes are free of nasties and my hands are soft - tick! I then tried them on little Miss and I was very pleased as they wipe really well in normal or crazy situations. The 'Fragrance Free' version is my favourite ones by far as I am not a fan of scented wipes but the 'Lightly Fragranced' version is still pleasant and very helpful to break up the smell of crazy nappies!

Fragrance Free wipesLightly Fragranced

The wipes come in handy packets of 80 thick & soft (190mm by 180mm) baby wipes with an easy re-sealable plastic pop-up opening so they don't dry out and wipes come out easily.

Overall, I am pretty happy with these wipes, they tick most of my boxes and I had a pleasant time testing them out on little Miss and I. I would love them more however if they also came in a refillable option for home or if the packets were recyclable.

3 x 80 wipes value pack



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