In my duration of trialling the product, I have not had one rip or be dry & They are so thick!

Posted on 7th May 2015


Mizz Mummy


Mizz Mummy had the opportunity to try out the Baby Bumkins range:

1 x Baby Bumkins Lightly Fragranced 80’s Baby Wipes 

1 x Baby Bumkins Fragrance Free 80’s Baby Wipes pack 

1 x Baby Bumkins value pack (Contains 3 individual Fragrance Free baby wipes packs) 


Review of Baby Bumkins Lightly Fragranced 80 Pack:

I am not usually a fan of the scented wipes as they usually just smell plain nasty and tend to go really overboard with the amount of fragrance, But when I opened the pack they actually smell fresh and not over powering at all.

Finally a “Lightly Fragranced” wipe that is what it is!

The wipes are also Alcohol, Soap & M.I Free, They are also PH Balanced , Dermatalogically tested & Include the soothing ingredients of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. So not only do they smell great & Work well, They are working wonders on those little bumkins!

In my duration of trialling the product, I have not had one rip or be dry & They are so thick! I will definitely purchase these again & can happily recommend them as a trusted wipe.


Review of Baby Bumkins Fragrance Free 80 Pack:

Much the same as the lightly fragranced wipes, They are a generous sized wipe and effectively clean bottoms without irritating them!

I love the packet the Baby Bumkins range is in, Most convenient 80-100 packs haven’t got a great seal – It is generally just a sticky tab that rips and becomes useless & you end up with dry wipes…. But the Baby Bumkins has a plastic lid which allows you to easily open and close without worrying about your wipes becoming dry.

The fragrance free range also contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. Alcohol, Soap & M.I Free, PH Balanced & Dermatologically tested.

Again, I would highly recommend them & am very happy with how effective they are!


Review of Baby Bumkins Value Pack:

The Baby Bumkins Value pack is great to stock up on wipes, It contains 3 of the Fragrance Free 80 packs, So plenty of Baby Bumkins to ensure you have plenty to keep your little ones bottom clean!