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  • Baby Bumkins Baby wipes

    The new Baby Bumkins baby wipes won me over pretty much straight away due to the fact that each wipe comes out easily and one at a time. The one thing I really hate about other baby wipes I have used, is when you are in the middle of a messy disaster and need to get a wipe quickly, all the wipes are joined together and you can’t separate them, thus creating big chaos. Nothing worse for a busy mum with a wriggly baby!
  • Baby Bumkins Baby Wipes Review

    As far as baby wipes go, I'm liking these. You can try them out on your own unique little disasters too. Baby Bumkins Baby Wipes are free of soap, alcohol and MIT. They are dermatologically tested, PH balanced and moisturised with aloe vera and vitamin E to protect young skins..
  • Review of Baby Bumkins baby wipes

    I was excited to try a new product of baby wipes that has just launched in Australia called Baby Bumkins. There are a lot of brands out there and sometimes it can be hard to know what quality baby wipes you’ll get for the best price.
  • Do you love your wet wipes? but would love it with out the added nasties?

    We have had the wonderful opportunity to use Baby Bumkins' baby wipes and can surely attest to the attributes listed above. The wipes were soft and durable. Baby wipes are a priceless commodity in our household. Besides wiping bums, our wet wipes is a multi-purpose item in our house. It gets used as a face washer and is great for wiping sore little noses when your little one is sick. Baby Bumkins' baby wipes will surely become part of the grocery shopping going forward.
  • Baby Bumkins® - Mother & Baby Awards 2016

    With a large number of the most reputable brands in the industry entering this competition, Baby Bumkins® has been chosen as a finalist in the Mother & Baby Awards 2016.

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