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  • That’s a lot to consider for a ‘humble’ baby wipe, so how did Baby Bumkins baby wipes stack up?

    For nearly eleven years now, baby wipes have been a big part of my life. Since the birth of my first baby, all those years ago, I have had a constant stash of baby wipes and I have tried just about every brand available. Baby wipes have so many uses apart from the obvious. I use baby wipes to clean bums (the obvious), wipe sticky little fingers, clean dirty faces and even to clean my house. A tip my Mum gave me was to use baby wipes for giving my fabric lounge a clean – it works a charm. So the new kid on the block in the world of baby wipes is Baby Bumkins and I have been testing them out. To do a good review on these wipes I need to establish what I look for in a baby wipe. So in no particular order this is what my husband and I look for in a baby wipe
  • I have tried many different brands of wipes and I am very impressed with Baby Bumkins wipes for the following reasons:

    Over the next 10 days we were also presented with plenty of occasions to use the Baby Bumpkins nappy wipes to clean up the bottom end of Miss Moo. The wipes remained moist which made the job of cleaning up easier.Fragrance Free Premium & Lightly Fragranced Baby Wipes have the purest of ingredients which makes them the perfect choice for our Miss Moo (2) who has sensitive skin and has also experienced reactions to unsympathetic perfumes of many kinds.
  • I was skeptical on using the fragranced ones on her bottom but there wasn't a red reaction mark at all to be had which I am pleased to have seen.

    When I first became a Mum I wanted to try out all the brands that were on the market so I knew what worked best for me, I have gone through some horrendous wipes that would rip as they were coming out of the packaging because they were so thin! We definitely don't want to get the dreaded poo fingers if the wipes aren't durable enough to just be pulled out of the package that's for sure.
  • I am happy to report that they pass with flying colours!

    There is one person (well thing) that has had my back all the way through Motherhood! It has helped me through poo explosions, spaghetti fights, pen on the couch, makeup mishaps and the list literally could go on FOREVER- but I will spare you the details. This Mother’s knight in shining armour, or more like plastic covering would be none other then a packet (or a box) of Baby wipes!! Dead set when you become a Mother you may as well looking at buying shares in baby wipes, as you will spend a mini fortune on them but couldn’t spend a day without them; very much a love hate relationship.
  • In my duration of trialling the product, I have not had one rip or be dry & They are so thick!

    I am not usually a fan of the scented wipes as they usually just smell plain nasty and tend to go really overboard with the amount of fragrance, But when I opened the pack they actually smell fresh and not over powering at all. Finally a “Lightly Fragranced” wipe that is what it is! The wipes are also Alcohol, Soap & M.I Free, They are also PH Balanced , Dermatalogically tested & Include the soothing ingredients of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. So not only do they smell great & Work well, They are working wonders on those little bumkins!

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