We’re committed to Quality at Baby Bumkins® and are we’re proud to offer you some of the answers we’ve given to our Frequently Asked Questions:  OR 

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I know that Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes are safe to use on my baby?

Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes are made from the most gentle and soft fibres and they’re completely Paraben Free.  Safe to use from head-to-toe, you’ll find our superior quality wipes delicately get rid of any mess with much less fuss, and you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that they’re dermatologically tested to the highest standards, whilst remaining practical as you nurture and care for your baby’s skin.  With no soap, or alcohol, and the subtle infusion of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, our PH Balanced Baby Bumkins® Wipes will safely take care of those “woops what a mess moments” in no time.


What is all the fuss about MIT?

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT or MI), an ingredient found in some wipes, has been known to cause allergies.  Hence, we’re proud to be able to guarantee that our gentle formula is completely free of this chemical.  That’s our sincere promise to you!


When there are other cheaper brands on the Baby Wipes market, what are the benefits in choosing Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes?

Open a packet of our wipes and you’ll feel the luxurious thickness of a reliable and skin-friendly product, at an affordable price.  And that’s just what you deserve.  They’re larger for better coverage, softer to the touch (especially on baby’s sensitive skin), and they have the benefit of being moist without excessive wetness.  Our high quality and sturdy packaging has also been specifically designed to keep longer, without having to press down countless times to seal the flip-top lid.  Your Baby Bumkins® Wipes will come out one at a time, and you can simply pop your convenient-sized pack into your car, your handbag, or within close reach on a shelf for ease of access and use.  And because they’re so thick and strong, they’re infinitely more economical.


How are the Baby Bumkins® Lightly Fragranced Wipes different from the Fragrance Free Wipes?

By selecting only the finest non-irritating ingredients possible, we know you’ll love the difference.  Caring for your baby comes first, and that’s why we’ve developed two kinds of wipes - one with a super serene ‘baby powder’ scent, and the other completely Fragrance Free.  Not all babies react to fragrances, we know, and that’s why we give YOU the choice between Baby Bumkins® Lightly Fragranced Wipes and Baby Bumkins® Fragrance Free Wipes.


Skin cleansing is obviously important when using Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes.  Have they been tested to Singaporean Standards?

Absolutely!  We guarantee there’s no soap or alcohol in our wipes, and the extra absorbent thickness makes it so easy to take care of your messy moments with ease - and wipe your own hands afterwards as well, without any soapy or soggy residue.  Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes have been Created with care, to use with love™ - every time!


How long should I keep an opened packet of Baby Bumkins®?

Our quality flip-top packaging has been designed to seal your packet with ease, and stay shut when closed correctly.  This will extend their shelf-life enormously.  As with all things, when left unsealed, any product will dry out and lose its effectiveness.  Just clip, lock and seal your package for freshness.  Then you’re always ready to go.


How should I dispose of Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes?

Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes should only ever be used once, and then popped into your general bin.  They’re not bio-degradable, and it would be wise to not put them into the compost.  They should not be flushed down the toilet either.


Can I buy Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes in single packets, or must I buy them in bulk?

We’ve thought of everything in designing our high-quality products at Baby Bumkins®.

Try our Singles Packs for convenience, and know that when you buy a bulk pack you’ll save!


Can I use Baby Bumkins® Baby Wipes for cleaning other things safely, other than my baby?

They’re multi-purpose!  Whilst we’ve obviously designed our wipes with Babies uppermost in our thoughts, you’ll find yourself reaching for them anytime you need to “wipe that!”  And not just around Baby. They’re ideal for those “woops what a mess” moments with Toddlers, Young Children, and even adults.  Because they’re so safe to use around your baby, you can keep them in the car, seamlessly clean-up spills, wipe down any surfaces that baby touches, and feel completely safe knowing that everyone in the family is protected.


At Baby Bumkins® we’re committed to not just being another brand on the shelf, but to being THE brand you choose to ‘wipe that’, wrap that, and CARE for the most precious little person in your world as they grow and develop.

Created with care, to use with love™

Let’s wipe that!